The NYSAFC, Inc. is an active group of men and women from all areas of emergency services. Our membership benefits from a diverse mix of people with many beliefs.  Faith is essential to our operation. We are here to serve the Lord by serving people, both in times of crisis and in the day to day operations of emergency service organizations.

Our Members are an assortment of line officers, EMS providers, clergy, commissioners, laity, past chiefs, county coordinators, fire police, and administrators to name a few.  Gathering that experience we developed the first fire chaplains manual and offer annual and regional training opportunities specifically designed for fire chaplains.

As Chaplains we are available for banquets and installation ceremonies, memorial services and funerals, blessing apparatus and praying at meetings.  Active chaplains often visit hospitals and offer valuable support to the Chief and officers. Some of our chaplains are board certified counselors, and are trained in CATSM or CISM.

When emergency service personnel need help, they often turn to someone they know and trust for a listening ear.  The regular stressors of life, coupled with serving in emergency situations can bring exposure to innumerable tragedies that are difficult for anyone to handle.

We are available as needed, to assist in a LODD notification or to offer a retired member a ride to the annual picnic. Whether it is a joyous occasion like a wedding, or saying goodbye to a dear comrade, our members have been there and can offer assistance, kindness and a prayer.