I am sending you pictures of the Remembrance Service that I presided on Monday, 9/11/2017 at the Kirkville Fire Company, Kirkville NY


We held our Remembrance Service inside the firetruck bays at the Kirkville Fire Station.

I gathered our members in a circle around the flag of the United States and our bell.  Each member wore his

"turnout jacket" which has a flashlight attached to the front of the jacket.   We all turned "on" our flashlights and we

turned lights out in the fire station.


Each firefighter read the names of deceased firefighters  FDNY Manhattan 5-5-8087 World Trade Center


As each Kirkville firefighter finished reading, he "turned-off" his flashlight.   When all members were finished reading,

the room was in "total darkness"


I finished the service with prayer.


It was a very touching service especially as the room became darker and darker.


Respectfully submitted,


Chaplain Bruce Foster

Kirkville Fire Company

Kirkville NY



Kirkville Volunteer Fire Company

left to right:   FF Alex Manchester, FF Jeff Bloss, FF Chad Relyea

                     Deputy Chief Shawn Foster,  Deputy Chief Jeff Zacharias

                     Captain Tom Hart, FF Ed Visser, FF Thomas Leo

                     FF George Steinberger