Welcome to the Home Page of the New York State Association of Fire Chaplains, Inc.

      The mission of the New York State Association of Fire Chaplains, Inc. is to unite all Chaplains of the State of New York in order to promote a deeper and wider knowledge of one another in the true ecumenical and interfaith spirit; and to establish statewide procedures of standardization in serving our fellow firefighters, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and God, our supreme Chief.

The Annual Business Meeting was held April 18, 2021 at 6:30 PM. The following officers were elected:

1st Deputy Chief Chaplain              Thomas With                     1 Year (2022)

2nd Deputy Chief Chaplain             Richard Bolster                  1 Year (2022)

North Central Regional Director     Pastor Thomas Flander     3 Year (2024)

East Regional Director                   Kevin Bowman                   3 Year (2024)

South Regional Director                Joseph McCarthy                3 Year (2024)


Rev. Clarice Murphy was appointed NYS Director at Large for our association and will fill the one year unexpired term, until elections in 2022.


We also approved Honorary Membership for our Founding and Charter Member – Chaplain Fr. Eugene Weis. Fr. Gene is, to our knowledge, the only living Chaplain that attended both the Founding Conference and the Chartering Conference.

Notes and cards can be sent to:

                  Chaplain Fr. Eugene Weis

                  Sisters of St Joseph Motherhouse

        150 French Road

         Rochester, NY 14618


Annual Training Conference in Watertown, NY – August 15-18, 2021

(Plans are being made for live streaming of the training, Memorial Service, and other special events during the training, for those unable to be in Watertown.)

The officers of our association:

Leon I. VanWie, Chief Chaplain
PO Box 777
111 Franklin Street
Brownville, NY 13615-0777
(315) 771-9142 cell (Voice and Text)

Thomas F. With, 1st Deputy Chief Chaplain
34 Woodside Avenue
Colonie, NY 12205
(518) 438-7486 
Richard G. Bolster, 2nd Deputy Chief Chaplain
46 Shova Road
Malone, NY 12953
(518) 569-3124 cell (Voice and Text)
Barrie Lyn Foster, Executive Secretary
741 Clark Street Road
Cayuga, NY 13034-2113
(315) 730-4415 (Voice and Text)
David A. Quinn, Treasurer
126 County Rt 26A
Stuyvesant, NY 12173
(518) 281-0949 (Cell)