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Chaplain Leon I. VanWie

Chief Chaplain (2020-2022)


Chaplain Leon I. VanWie is the Chief Chaplain for the New York State Association of Fire Chaplains, Inc. He retired in 2017 after serving 44 years as a United Methodist pastor serving churches in western, central and northern New York. Rev. VanWie has been active in the fire service since 1976 and was an EMT for over 15 years. Currently he is the Chaplain and President for the Town of Watertown Volunteer Fire Department and is Chaplain for the City of Watertown Fire Department. He also serves as Jefferson County Car 51, along with Chaplain Sam Lundy, as a Deputy Fire Coordinator for chaplain services. He also belongs to numerous county and state fire organizations and can be contacted at LeonVanWie@gmail.com or (315) 771-9142 (text and voice).

Chaplain Thomas F. With

1st Deputy Chief Chaplain